“Mūsu poga” is a private preschool with a 10-year history. We use both alternative and classical pedagogies in our daily work, always keeping in mind that the main method is the teacher with his personality, empathy, life experience and wisdom – the educational process in pre-school is primarily based on the relationship between the teacher and the child. If this relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and humanity, the learning process cannot fail, whatever the method chosen.

But this doesn’t mean that a Pogas teacher relies solely on own professionalism and personal charisma – daily work is carefully planned, results are recorded and analysed, and new goals are set together with the children.

When planning and setting learning goals, we always leave room for Wonder, Surprise and Joy. Kindergarten is a place where a child should be allowed to be a child – to be free to play, to choose, to wonder, to ask and receive answers, to be unwilling, unable, to argue, to overcome and – GROW! And at the same time learn to listen, to wait, to recognise and control emotions, to empathise, to exert will, to be brave and independent.

From autumn 2023, Mūsu poga will take over ”6 Senses international” kindergarten and continue the work it started, offering children more in-depth English language training. The pre-school is located in the greenest area of Riga – Mežaparks, in a building with a large landscaped garden with centenarian trees. The staff is fluent in both English and Latvian, as well as other world languages, offering an international education without forgetting Latvian traditions and culture.

Phone +371 25133508

e-mail: [email protected]

address: Visbijas prospekts 47, Riga